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Chiho-Tiande Group Limited (“Chiho-Tiande” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, “the Group”, HKEx stock code: 00976), is a recycler specialized in Mixed Metal Scrap recycling, disassembling and processing, and resource recycling. Our group is the largest Mixed Metal Scrap recycler in china in terms of the total import volume for Mixed Metal Scrap approved by the MEP and the actual import volume of Mixed Metal Scrap, and also the largest importer of Mixed Metal Scrap for importing, recycling, reusing and processing. According to the estimation of CRU Strategies, China represents the world’s largest importer of copper waste and scrap, accounting for over two thirds of global total reported import volume of 8.2 million tons in 2008. According to the China Customs data, we have been the largest importer of mixed copper scrap in China for years. The main business of our group is to separate, disassemble and process wasted motors, wasted dynamo, wasted electric wires and cables, and other Mixed Metal Scraps, and then gather them into secondary metal that are with unified specification and could be recycled. In this way, the resource utilization could be improved and environmental destruction could also be lessened.


Looking back to our developing history, with Credit Utmost as our operation principle, and with the strategic plan made after having taken the overall situation into consideration, our group has established a well-performed international procurement network. And this makes the group stay ahead in the Mixed Metal Scrap recycling and processing field.


To further improve the value of recycled metal products, our company is also engaged in foundry business, and produce aluminium ingot, cooper rod as well as copper wire (i.e.,casting products) for sale with recycled metal products. Besides recycled metal products and casting products, we also purchase and sell other metal scraps that haven't been further processed after purchase(that is "wholesale products").


Our business of recycling, disassembling and processing of Mixed Metal Scrap mainly includes: split, separate and disassemble the wasted motors, wasted electric wires and cables, and other Mixed Metal Scraps, to make them into usable scrap copper, scrap steel, scrap iron, etc. Which will be classified and sold to metallurgy, machinery, electronic, and other industries.


Metal recycling business

Split, separate and disassemble the Mixed Metal Scrap, and produce metal components of their own

The types of Mixed Metal Scrap include: wasted motors, wasted electric wires and cables

The recycling metal products are: scrap copper, scrap aluminium, scrap steel and scrap iron

The recycled metal products will be classified and sold to metal manufacturers for further

refinement and disposing




Foundry business

The foundry business of our group includes the manufacturing and selling of aluminium ingot, copper wires and rods that could be used in automobile, electronic accessories, and other fields. According to the business strategy of expanding product category, our company starts to commercially produce copper wires and rods with recycled copper scrap. As for the foundry business, our group will make production planning of aluminium ingot and cooper wires and rods in this month according to the demanding assessment of the next month made by marketing department. Most of the aluminium ingots of our group are made in accordance with Japanese Industrial Standard (such as A D C 12.10 and standard 6),and a small proportion are produced according to the special need of the clients. The cooper wires and rods in our group are produced according to the requirements of our clients.




Wholesale business

Our wholesale business is mainly purchasing metal scraps that do not need processing, and selling them to our clients.



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